Café De La Tintería

I made this mural in collab with @juan.y.diego, comissioned by @cafedelatinteria, in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, 2021.

This mural represent the strange creatures that live in Chapinero, one of Bogota’s most classic neighborhoods.

The lovers

We made this beautiful mural with @juan.y.diego, in the house of a very close friend in New Orleas, USA, 2022

This mural is our version of the tatot card ‘the lovers’

Todo Se Une

This is a mural that I made with @juan.y.diego, near to a little town called Pesca, in the region of Boyacá in Colombia.
We found this little abandoned house on the road, and we decided to paint something that represents the strange union that exists behind everything.